Femili PNG’s Case Work Manager Evan Bieso (right) with SunRice Assistant Brand Manager Ben Gleeson (left) at the launch of SunRice’s workplace giving program for Femili PNG in Sydney in October 2017.


What is Workplace Giving?

Employees make small, automatic and pre-tax donations to Femili PNG through their employer’s payroll system. Workplace giving can be complemented by company donation matching.

Why Workplace Giving?

Businesses and employees work together to build a Papua New Guinea where people live free of intimidation, abuse and family violence.

Workplace Giving means Femili PNG receives a steady income stream to ensure long-term and sustainable programs for survivors of family and sexual violence.

The value of the employee donation is increased through pre-tax giving. A $20 donation costs only $12.60 (depending on your tax bracket), but the charity receives $20. If the workplace matches the donation, the charity receives $40.

Workplace giving increases the engagement of employees through pride in their work and workplace. Employers establish credibility as genuine corporate citizens.

How to set up Workplace Giving

You can donate to Femili PNG via our Australian support association, Friends of Femili PNG.

Friends of Femili PNG (ABN 41 706 886 372) is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient by the Australian Tax Office.

Your payroll or accounting software can manage Workplace Giving. Simply set-up Friends of Femili PNG as a vendor. Use these details:

Donation Reference:      WPG (your company name)
Account Name:                Friends of Femili PNG Incorporated
BSB:                                   062904
Account No:                     10512306
Address:                            C/- Development Policy Centre (7 Liversidge Street, Australian National University, Acton ACT 2601 Australia)
Phone:                              +61 (0)2 6125 3446

Femili PNG will provide quarterly email updates on how your donations have helped survivors of family and sexual violence in Papua New Guinea. For more information contact friends@femilipng.org. You can also find our Workplace Giving flyer here.


SunRice staff listen on as Femili PNG’s Case Work Manager talks to staff in Sydney about our work in Papua New Guinea to assist survivors of family and sexual violence.