Femili PNG has worked hard to set up robust governance and management mechanisms, including the development of key organisational policies. Femili PNG is accountable to its stakeholders – clients, partners, donors, funders and staff – and is committed to being transparent in our work. Part of this is how we share information, and we operate in a pro-disclosure environment. Where possible, we will publish and make available information on all aspects of our operations.

Femili PNG may choose to not disclose information for one of the following reasons:

  • Security – release of information poses a security risk to staff, clients, partners or the organisation
  • Privacy and confidentiality – release of the information threatens an individual’s right to privacy and confidentiality, or a commercial-in-confidence arrangement
  • Harm to operations – where disclosure could do harm to clients, staff or partners
  • Cost – where the cost of disclosure, whether as a time cost or a monetary cost, would be disproportionate to the request.

Femili PNG is sharing some of our policies below, in the interest of transparency, and also so that we can potentially support other organisations wanting to update or improve their policies. These include: