Femili PNG encourages feedback about its work, either through suggestions, compliments, or complaints. We aim to make this process as accessible as possible and feedback can be given by phone, email, or in writing.

In order to increase transparency between Femili PNG and our clients, stakeholders, and partners, we aim to respond to any complaints about our services or potential damages in a procedural and accountable way. All complaints will warrant the same treatment as a written complaint.

Separate from a request for information or a query about our practices, general complaints can include issues such as:

  • dissatisfaction with one of our services
  • concern about a donation that we have received
  • concern about the behaviour of a staff member
  • issues with communications or a fundraising campaign.

Femili PNG aims to examine all non-urgent complaints within three working days of the complaint being received. Urgent complaints (including allegation of an assault) will be actioned immediately.

Femili PNG will respond to the complainant by letter within five working days of the complaint being received, outlining a plan for investigation, resolution, and timeframes.

If there is a specific incident that you would like to report, please contact us by any of the methods below.

Making a Complaint

For specific information about child-protection related complaints, please refer to this page.

In Australia, feedback should be addressed to:

Friends of Femili PNG
c/- Development Policy Centre
Australian National University
7 Liversidge St, Acton ACT 2601

e: friends@femilipng.org
p: +61 2 6125 3446

Feedback can be sent to both of our Case Management Centres in PNG at:

Femili PNG Lae Case Management Centre
PO Box 616
Lae, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea

e: info@femilipng.org
p: +675 7091 4027 or +675 472 8904


Femili PNG Port Moresby Case Management Centre
PO Box 724, Vision City
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

e: info@femilipng.org
p: +675 7916 9063 (enquires and assistance)
p: +675 7055 4401 (Bel Isi subscribers)

You can also make complaints through Facebook messenger: facebook.com/FemiliPNG

External complaints


Femili PNG is bound by the Australian Charities and NFP Commission’s (ACNC) regulations, which will respond to complaints about administration, funding, fraud, and failure to act in the charity’s best interest.

You can access more information on their website here.

Femili PNG is also bound by the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct.

You can access more information on their website here.

Papua New Guinea

There is no statutory body in PNG which is responsible for the regulation of NGOs. For issues of misconduct, you can submit a complaint to the Provincial and National Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee, or the Community Development Office.

For additional information on this, you can refer to our Complaints Handling Policy or Whistleblower Policy.