Femili PNG CEO Daisy Plana (left) handing over equipment to the Angau Hospital Family Support Centre
Femili PNG CEO Daisy Plana (left) handing over equipment to the Angau Hospital Family Support Centre

Femili PNG’s vision is to provide effective client services and foster strong partnerships to address family and sexual violence in Papua New Guinea.

Femili PNG’s mission is to work with clients, partners and communities to improve responses to family and sexual violence through our case-management, partner support, training, monitoring, research and advocacy.

Femili PNG is a values-based organisation. The below values are important to us:

  • Respect: We respect and value local solutions, we seek to enhance local capacities, and we abhor discrimination.
  • Client centered: We put the client first.
  • Trust: We work in ways which foster trust and goodwill with clients, families, communities, partners, donors and PNG Government agencies.
  • Dynamism and resilience: As an organisation we will foster dynamism, adaptability and resilience.
  • Learning: We will engage in and support the use of evidence. We will share our own lessons and look to learn from others as well.
  • Empowerment: We actively pursue opportunities to empower women and children and other marginalised people in PNG.
  • Professionalism: We recognise and value the professionalism, skills and experience of our staff and their contribution to institutional learning and development. We strive for excellence.
  • Discipline and probity: Creating change requires hard-work, sustained commitment and ethical behaviour.
  • Partnerships: We strive to build strong partnerships with PNG government agencies, civil society and private sector organisations, both in PNG and overseas, and donors.
  • Human rights: We value and support the basic human rights and central role of women within their community and in development.
  • Role of civil society: We value the operational freedom which stems from being a not-for-profit and civil society organisation. We support the development of strong civil society in PNG as an important force for positive change.

Femili PNG’s Strategic Plan 2020-21 to 2024-25 outlines four strategic priorities for the organisation. These are:

  • Priority 1: As a national centre of excellence, provide effective and coordinated case management approaches for people experiencing family and sexual violence.
  • Priority 2: Foster strong partnerships with other PNG government and civil society agencies to promote effective responses to family and sexual violence across PNG.
  • Priority 3: Undertake operations- and research-based advocacy, outreach and training to improve the response to family and sexual violence across PNG.
  • Priority 4: Be a well-run and sustainable Papua New Guinean non-government organisation.