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Why should you support Femili PNG?

  • Because this project is changing the way in which survivors of gender based violence are treated in Papua New Guinea. Gender-based violence is a HUGE problem in PNG. So far, most survivors of violence have been unable to get the services they need. This project shows it is possible to get solutions to survivors.
  • Because 95% of the funds you give will go straight to operations. Our partner Action on Poverty deducts a 5% charge, but we won’t take any of your funds for overheads or fundraising.
  • Because we can’t just rely on government funding. The Australian aid program has provided us with initial funding, but it’s not enough. We have to fill the gap through public support.
  • Because you can trust us. You can view our audited accounts and annual reports. We are transparent. We follow scrupulous and rigorous financial management practices. And we are closely supervised by Oxfam, our implementing partner.
  • Whether you are in Australia or PNG, your donation will be tax deductible. This means if you are on a 30% tax rate, a donation to us of $1 will only cost you 70 cents.
  • For Australian donors, to get tax deductibility, donate through Action on Poverty.
  • For donors in PNG, Femili PNG has s25A tax exempt charitable body status. You can make a tax-deductible donation via bank deposit below.

What will your money buy?

Your money can and will make a difference. $30 can pay for two days of emergency food for a survivor.

Sometimes we have to arrange emergency accommodation for our clients, especially if safe house capacity is unavailable. $110 will pay for emergency accommodation and food for one night, $220 for two nights.

Our most important assets are our case workers. They support survivors to get what they want. Our case workers are an outstanding group of brave women, who work hard to serve their clients, all for a very modest pay package. $400 can pay a case worker’s salary for one week.

Don’t just take it from us.

This is what people are saying about Femili PNG and the CMC. People who have visited the Centre. People who know what they are talking about.

“As a Papua New Guinean woman who has grown up exposed to the effects of domestic violence and its devastating consequences, I am very proud of my involvement with Femili PNG. I firmly believe that the work we do at Femili PNG is filling a great need in our society. Many women lack the support of their families when they are fleeing from the trauma of a violent relationship. We provide care and tangible support to these women when they are most vulnerable. Our model has the potential to assist countless other women in Papua New Guinea.”

– Serena Sumanop, Femili PNG Board Member and Executive Director of The Voice Inc

“Every client supported by CMC extends their heartfelt thank you. Many times this is said with tears in their eyes, and this shows how much the survivors appreciate the services made possible through the funds received. This money directly benefits a lot of lives and will continue to reach out to more souls who have experienced much suffering.”

– Denga, one of our case workers

The Case Management Centre “is an incredibly important centre in terms of providing support to women who have been affected by domestic violence in PNG”

– Ewen McDonald, Deputy Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Three ways to donate:

Donations that are tax-deductible in Australia can be made through our partner Action on Poverty via the web, post, bank transfer or cheque. Donations that are tax-deductible in PNG can be made via bank transfer.

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